New Horizons for Seniors Program 2020

New Horizons for Seniors Program 2020

The goal of our project in the New Horizons for Seniors Program is to increase the social participation of the seniors and to include them in all dimensions of life. The program will bring different generations together, so that they can share their knowledge and life experiences and to encourage volunteering, involvement and mentoring. They can contribute their degree of knowledge to all sorts of circumstances in order to educate others.

Bridging the gap between seniors and the youth can build the relationships which will enhance their lives and community. This project provides good learning opportunities for the senior people to become active users of new technology, and to learn and grow from each other. In addition to communication learning and entertainment, computer training can help the seniors to bridge the individual gap boosting their self-confidence which also enables them to be working members of society.

This project prioritizes empowering seniors by fostering stronger connections with their community and reviving their great spirit which improves their quality of life.

New Horizons for Seniors Program Flexibilities related to Covid-19 2020

Resources to Seniors during Covid 19 situation:

  • Assisting community organizations and groups, share the knowledge transfer working with volunteers to remain safe
  • Identifying impacts due to the outbreak ( seniors)and those, that need to self-isolate)
  • Virtual Remote classes provide information to seniors
  • Steps to be taken to care for themselves in light of experiences relating to the pandemic.
  • Provide resources as E-Books,tablets(Personal Protection Equipments to seniors and seniors serving organizations,
  • Preparing for transition after social-distancing restrictions are lifted
  • Support seniors to stay connected with their communities and their families, through mobile phones,smart phones, tablets,computers remotely.

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