We Can Win was established in 2011 and has celebrated, respected, and encouraged diversity within communities. We offer free services to Canadian immigrant youth, women, and seniors that help to empower, and support individuals in reaching their full potential. We have a variety of workshops for our members, which include but are not limited to Microsoft Office, Business Analysis, Leadership, and Management courses.

The WE CAN WIN Mission

Our mission is to facilitate inclusive local economic opportunity among Canadian immigrants. We strive to limit barriers newcomers in the community face by serving as a resource for training, advising, and supporting individuals to build valuable professional skill sets, introduction to the labor market, resume workshops, procedures training, job fairs, and much more! ​​

The WE CAN WIN Vision

We strive to educate targeted immigrant groups in career development to help them gain knowledge and assist them with future job opportunities. We Can Win works alongside its volunteers and community members to build empowering, compassionate and all-inclusive communities. Our services are available to all members of the community. We believe that there is strength in unity and work towards achieving a close-knit community that comes together to overcome challenges is our end goal.

The WE CAN WIN Impact

 Our commitment is to encourage participation in cultural, social, and political activities within the immigrant community. We want to ensure individuals attain the right resources for their personal and professional growth. 

Our Goals

The following goals serve as guidelines for what we aim to achieve as we implement our mission and work together towards our vision:

  1. Address constraints faced by immigrants by providing leadership opportunities, management training, and access to information. 
  2. Work alongside local partners, to provide immigrant youth women and seniors an improved quality of life .
  3. Provide free learning resources and related activities based on needs such as  basic computer operating skills for seniors, Microsoft software use, Information technology training for women and youth.
  4. Train and guide individuals in improving their social well-being by building a safe diversified multicultural environment that they feel welcomed in.
  5. Our team will be flexible, adaptable, and ready to welcome clients’ requests, suggestions for changes.