New Horizons Senior Program

At We Can Win we have developed and planned a 20 week program in order to promote and create initiative to support healthy ageing.

This project prioritizes empowering seniors by fostering stronger connections with their community and reviving their great spirit which improves their quality of life.

Our program includes tutorials on various computer applications, cyber security measures, social media proficiency and much more! 

Protecting Yourself from Scams Protects the Community

Phone & Door-to-Door

People approach you pretending to be a representative for an organization in an attempt to gain a monetary donation

Online, Social Media and E-mail

Auction Fraud, Phishing Scams, Nigeria 419 Letter, Postal Forwarding & Prize Scams

Identity Theft

An individual steals personal information from you and pretends to be you in order to exploit you for social and financial gain

If you believe you may be a victim of a scam or fraud, it is important to report it to your local authorities immediately. You may also consider taking legal action against the parties involved.

We Can Win by supporting our community through access to resources and community programs