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We Can Win is an Organization working towards a common community goal. To create opportunities for youth, newcomers and settlers, senior's and the special needs population. We provide essential skills that are required in various employment fields. While working with diverse communities we educate with a cultural understanding of individuals to get each client employed according to their values and at their level of skills. We facilitate workshops to identify barriers and and skills required for each client in order to find a jobs that of their interest of appropriate to their existing skills. To provide learning experiences of the Canada’s employment system with training and courses provided in our organization in order to understand the job field and securing an employment. We design programs that build skills which lead to a secure employment. These programs include work field information, referrals, assessments, workshops, resume development and job placement support. We connect you with a mentor who will help you develop skills and experiences in your portfolio resume that employers are looking for.

Executive Director:Sukanya guides the organization to grow strategically, consistently and with commitment.


Our Vision

A Non-profit organization committed to assist, guide, advice and provide career oriented services to Youth, Women, Newcomers & Settlers, Seniors, Special Needs population and all Citizens of Canada.









Our Mission:

Our mission exemplifies the work we ensure, as we strive to be the best at what we are working to achieve and deliver. Therefore, guide and provide advice for communities that include youth, Newcomers and settlers, women, seniors and the special needs population. Nevertheless, we are looking to educate the population targeted via career development and provide assistance to improve by:

  • - Educating in career development and life coaching
  • - Create an environment where everyone can excel in their specific goals
  • - Bring awareness in our multi-cultural communities
  • - Create an environment to assist in gaining skills and knowledge to meet future opportunities
  • - Hiring and supporting employees to achieve their objectives.
  • - Provide comprehensive one-to-one assessment and counselling services.
  • - Understand Canadian work place environment information and understand Canadian workplace culture.
  • - Help individuals and families learn and grow while identifying the potentials of all our clients.
  • - Demonstrate responsiveness to community needs.
  • - Respect and celebrate the diversity of our community.
  • - Encouraged team work with equity and fairness.
  • - Ensure accountability and transparency to our stakeholders.
  • - Meet urgent human needs and improve social conditions by mobilizing the community’s volunteer and resources in a common cause of caring.


We Can Win guides Immigrants, women, youth, senior's, people with special needs to Integrate, improve, economic social well being within a safe environment. It's aim is to adapt to Canadian society, to be engaged, contribute to the communities,provide and maintain good health for the integrity of Canada. Provide newcomers to participate in economic, political, social and cultural life of the country. Attain good education, path to get a rewarding career, professional development and skills training.



Our Services

Understand Canadian work place environment information and understand Canadian workplace culture. Help individuals and families to learn and grow. Encourage teamwork. Identify the potential of all those with whom we interact. ​​Demonstrate responsiveness to community needs. Respect and celebrate the diversity of our community.

We Can Win is collaborating with other Not for Profit Organizations and educational institutions to empower youth. We are working to promote the ability of youth and bring out thier skills

We Assist students to choose the careers of their choice and match up with colleges and universities. We provide details and research material done by our teams. Students choose the best courses as per their choice and that matches the passion, skills, knowledge and goals.

We are recruiting summers students shortly.
Attend our Introductory Class to Prepare Business Analysis

Learn in a quick and easy way. You will receive information on:
Quality Assurance Analysis
Business Analysis
Project Management

How to get certified in the above fields and CCBA, CAPM, PMP, CBAP, Hours required and how to Apply.



Are you enthusiastic to get into career of Business Analyst and Project Management, globally recognized Certification?
Are you passionate to build a career in the field of Business Analysis or Project Management? We Can Win Offers Classes in:

  • PMP(PMI)
  • MS Office(Word,Excel,Power Point)
  • (Agile) Scrum
  • CBAP Agile (Scrum)
  • Social Media(facebook,linkedin,twitter)

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