The number of racialized immigrant women in Canada has steadily increased over recent decades, from 55% of newcomer women immigrants (that is, those who arrived in Canada within the last 5 years) identifying as visible minorities in 1981 to 84% in 2016 (Hudson 2016; Statistics Canada 2016a), but their employment numbers lag. Even when women immigrants are employed, they are more likely to be underemployed, part-time, precarious, and poorly remunerated. The lack of participation of racialized immigrant women in the labour market represents a significant economic loss in communities across Canada. (UWaterloo, 2022)

At We Can Win, we provide support to newcomer women through our Newcomer Women’s Employment Program. We provide language and settlement training to connect you with services and social networks in your communities. Newcomer women will learn how to contribute their skills and experience to the labour market in Ontario.

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