Since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many Canadians to spend more time at home, more older adults across the country have been able to spend time online.

But Bill VanGorder with the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) says this shift to seniors adopting online platforms hasn’t been entirely positive.

“This has been a real problem that’s been, in many ways, brought on by COVID,” VanGorder said. “Prior to COVID, we know that few older Canadians used the internet. They may have had internet, 60 or 70 per cent, but our surveys at CARP showed only about half of them or less actually used it.

“COVID, of course, brought them into going online, using Facebook, using Zoom, using FaceTime, so they’ve been quite more comfortable using social media and online.”

However,  many older adults still don’t completely understand online platforms and they don’t understand their risks. (CityNews,2022)

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